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E-Commerce Solutions

Cloud-Driven E-Commerce And Mobile Commerce Solutions

Whether it is selling products or services online, or making business processes available on the cloud, we deliver solutions that maximize user experience with real-time integration to enterprise applications.

We focus intently on four areas of expertise: great front-end user experience, robust back-end integration, effective digital marketing and analytics, and complete solutions management.

Features of Durbin E-Commerce Solution

Optimal Front-End User Experience

Without an optimal user interface, even the most technically advanced solution will not achieve great business results. Therefore, we design our solutions with the end-user first. From fast loading webpages, to user-friendly navigation, to high quality graphic designs, to useful organization of information, we apply industry best practices along with our deep internal expertise to deliver solutions that delight the customers in their online experience of a company’s brand.

Robust Back-End Enterprise Application Integration

In an increasingly omni-channel world, seamless integration between web channels, mobile channels, and brick-and-mortar channels, are critical in serving the demanding and technically savvy customers of the 21st century. For example, an e-commerce site without real-time inventory data will frustrate customers with backorders, impedes a company’s growth, and erodes brand loyalty. These channels can integrate to each other through the cloud, or centrally through cloud-connected back-end business systems.

Effective Digital Marketing And Analytics

Once a solution is deployed, regardless of whether it’s for business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) transactions, effective digital marketing and analytics are absolutely essential to ensuring online success. Our teams can perform a myriad of digital marketing services such as, search engine optimization, e-mail campaign creation, or social promotions. In addition to digital marketing services, we also apply data analytics to help businesses understand the behavior of their online customers to derive actionable refinements to business or marketing programs.

Complete Solutions Management

Our mission is to be a full service provider of cloud commerce solutions to medium, large, and global enterprises. From front-end design, to back-end integration, to digital marketing, our solutions are as complete as our customers want them to be. In addition to development, we can also fully manage our client solutions with services such as technology consulting, ongoing maintenance, hosting infrastructure build out and management. We are constantly expanding our base of talents and expertise to deliver a full range of solutions such as social, mobile, e-commerce, and e-business.

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