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Fleet Management Application

Manage Your Fleet with Accuracy and Efficiency Using Durbin Fleet Manager Application

Business automation is reaching new height now a day. The use of technology with the vast internet network and advanced GPS is proving to be especially successful for fleet management. We have prepared the wining mix of technology and business process optimization to help you run your business with minimum overhead and the opportunity to make most profit.

Features of Durbin Fleet Manager Application


The profile will include all the necessary information to identify and track a client uniquely. The system will assign an auto generated unique ID to clients to search and manage their profiles easily.

Locate a Taxi

User will select “locate a taxi” button and system will trace and show all available taxis from your company within 1 Kilometer radius. System will automatically detect User Location but User will have to input their Destination Area. If they tap on any taxi on map details of the driver will come up to communicate with them.

Request a Taxi

Besides using the mobile applications to book a taxi, user can also call the call center to request a Taxi. Call center agent will communicate with the driver and fix an appropriate taxi per user request.

Trip History

Users will be able to keep track of all of the trips they made with your company. The list will also show information connected to each trip such as “Date, Trip Start Point, Trip Destination, Distance, Fare, Driver and Service Rating”.


If user integrates their online payment account with the app they will also be able to make payments online. If User have Promo Code using it will give them a discount on the fare.

All of the payments made to the system will be kept safely for future reference. This will allow the user to see all the payments the made for trips.

Promo Code

To increase the user acceptability, we support using promo code. This will allow your business to onboard the customers faster.

Service Rating

CAt the end of each trip client will be promoted to rate the service quality for the trip.


To motivate the Clients to keep using your services we have Gamification. A rank list of clients based on “Who Made the Most Trips and Who Went the Furthest in Cumulative Distance”.

Social Media Share

Clients can share that they are using your services to make trips on social media. This will strengthen your social media presence and help grow your business.

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