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Greet Customers with A Superior Experience on Their Media of Choice

Durbin Call Centre Solution can provide customers with a more satisfying experience with clear voice and the capability to keep track of each contact in detailed history with all necessary information enable the companies to provide a superior service to their clients.

Features of Durbin Call Centre with integrated CRM



The system shall be able to manage the requests from the following media simultaneously.
Voice calls

Flexible scheduling of opening hours

A simple to use graphical interface to schedule opening hours for call centre services. System will come with some pre-designed work schedule (e.g. 9 am to 5 am) for ease of use. Later on, this can be changed on request.

DTMF Supported Routing

The system can make routing decisions based on DTMF choices. Help Seeker can call the system and get legal information from on board IVR based on DTMF choices.

Automatic contact assignment

System will assign contacts or connect calls automatically to agents through skills-based routing.

Outbound campaigns

Our system supports automatic outbound dialling for imported lists of numbers. Campaign progress is visible via historical reporting. Campaign calls are also recorded for future reference and user can use DTMF to share their opinions.

Skills-based routing

Supervisor will be able to assign points to Agentsbased on their performance. System will try to route the calls to the Agent with highest points if the Agent is busy system will try to connect the next highest point holder and so on until some connects the call.

Social Media

If the legal service provider has a Facebook page, then they can connect to the page through a app which will allow them to receive user requests or help seeker requests from Facebook.


Call back

All missed calls are listed in a separate list. They list can be used to make calls to these users and provide service.

Call recording

The system support call recording. Any connected call made or received by the system will be recorded. This record can be traced later by searching date and time of the call.

Feed-back to callers in queue (IVR)

If a caller is waiting for a certain period of time on the queue system will play them an IVR to inform them that other channels are busy and they will have to wait to connect the call.

Flexible and alternative choice of telephone

Agents will be able to receive calls from both inside and outside of the office. But the general practice in this situation is to make sure the calls are only being answered from inside the office. Calls can be received using a PC or a IP Phone. The advantage of using a PC is Agent will be able to access CRM information simultaneously when on call.

Agent frontend

Calls logs

System will keep record of all call details. Complete list of all calls made or received by the system is kept in the system.

Supervisory features

A supervisor can view the status of agents, to listen to conversations.

Directories and collaboration

Agents can search for colleagues in directories and see their presence. They are also able to transfer calls to them, either for consultation or blind.

Real-time statistics

Agents have the opportunity to view in real-time the number of calls in queue, so that they can adapt their behaviour in case of higher volume of contacts. If any additional real-time information is also shown, please list them.

Contact card pop-up

When an agent accepts, an incoming call a pop up to collect information from the user will come up. This user information will be saved on CRM for future reference.

Questionnaires for campaigns

Agents who take part to outbound campaigns should be guided in their conversations with a questionnaire that displays the question to ask and allows the agent to enter the answer given by the customer. The questionnaire should automatically choose the next question based on the given answer.

Agent application

Agent will be receiving the calls using an on-board softphone. They have the option to take rest in between calls by pausing their particular booth. System will keep track of the time they are on break or pause.

Call qualification

Agents have the option to associate each call to one or more call qualifications in order to describe the reason of the request and the outcome of the conversation. These qualifications will be used in reporting for categorizing all requests.

IVR and Automation

Integrated IVR

It is possible to use the contact centre solution for self-service (IVR). Contact centre scripting and IVR scripting can be preparedon request of clients.

Automated outgoing IVR calls

The IVR platform allows placing automatically outgoing IVR calls. It can be used for mass notifications upon certain events like a strike or a disaster or for campaign.

Reporting and Analytics


Client can search historical reports. Graphically reporting is possible by exporting to a spreadsheet.

Wall boards

Key performance indications such as actual and estimated waiting times, service levels, number of logged on, ready/not ready agents etc. are presented on PC-based large screens in the contact centre.

Real-time statistics

The call centre manager or supervisorcan monitor all aspects of the system in real time. IVR handling times, queue performance and waiting times as well as agent performance.

Call detail records

Call Detail Records (CDR) are stored for all contact centre calls. The CDR shows: time of the call, calling number, selected agent, time ringing at agent, time speaking to the agent etc. The call centre manager or supervisorcan search CDR.

Performance review interval

It is possible to extract reports on call statistics compiled over different time intervals.

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