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m-Health Solution

Build the future generation with Durbin m-Health Solution

Durbin m-Health Solution is a complete platform for cost effective health care service management. Our solution is built on latest web and mobile platform technology to ensure intuitive and interactive user experience. While your users can access their health information and make appointments or payments online from the mobile application Doctors can check their schedule and patients status from web application.

Features of Durbin m-Health Solution

Medical Services

Patients can view details on the medical services they have availed from the hospital. The page will contain information on
Visit Dates that the client have visited hospital. This page will also show the upcoming appointments if any,
Diagnosis Reports results of diagnosis will be put in the system by operators and system will generate visual charts for clients to understand their improvement,
Vitals of the client will be recorded after each visit. Client can also update some of the vitals themselves to keep a track of their physical condition.

My Patients

Doctor can search for client on the system to fill up the visit report. For any client on their first visit system will automatically show the first visit report to be filled up and it will show the Follow up Visit Report in other cases. The Patient List will also contain information on:
Search Option (Date, patient Name, Patient ID)
Last Appointment
Next Appointment
Appointment History
Diagnosis Report

Critical Patients

A list of patients who have critical condition. The list will help the doctor to have the information on these special patients at their fingertips so that they can take faster and informed actions.


The profile will include all the necessary information to identify and track a client uniquely. The system will assign an auto generated unique ID to clients to search and manage their profiles easily.

List of Specialists

Clients can learn about the doctors working with the hospital before making an appointment. The list will also show the area of expertise, grade, area of interest and other related information for each doctor.

Book an Appointment

Client can use this option to book an appointment from the solution.

My Appointments

Doctor will be able to view the list of appoints he/she have for the day. Doctor can search for any specific appointment from this history.

Panic Button

Patient can press the panic button in case of Emergency. System will receive a distress signal along with location. Paramedics will rush to the location to provide medical Aid.


User can send queries, complaints and suggestion to the Administrative team through this option. This will allow the client to feel more involved with the process.

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