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E-learning solution we offer

Exceed The Limits Of Messaging Platform With Robust Infrastructure.
Virtual Classroom

Device independent

Learning Management System

High Quality audio/ video connectivity

Cross Platform Apps

Low bandwidth consumption

Digital Content Development

Highly secure communication

Key Features

How can you use WebRTC to streamline your operations and improve your business?

Video Conferencing

With WebRTC, all you need to start a video conference with a client is an internet connection. There’s no need to dial an 800 number or login to your Skype account, everything is taken care of from within your browser, or mobile app.


integrate click-to-call technology into your website, so that people can immediately chat with you over their browser for free and in real-time.70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

Peer to Peer (P2P)

Benefit from reducing the need to use stable hosts, trunks and external servers. With P2P, you can transfer any video, file or document at no extra storage or bandwidth cost.

Instant Messaging

Experiences Real-time Chat through DuComm. Be Served with wide chat functionalities with enriched-features to enhance instant messaging experience across platforms

SIP/VoIP Calling

Expand the range of communication across carrier networks with the help of DuComm VoIP infrastructure embedded with SIP. Make contentious & clear App to GSM (SIP) calls to a broad number of devices.

Monitoring Panel

Increase Insights on routing & Managing communication across platforms. Integrated Billing System, Real-time Dashboard, NOC Panel,CDR & Reporting, Administration & User Management and Lawful Interception Support.

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Technology solutions to help business in many industries overcome unique problems and generate value.
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Telecommunication & Infrastructure
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