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Durbin Academy the Largest Educational Mobile App in Bangladesh is designed for students from class five to Graduation. Developed on tour e-learning platform Durbin Academy helps students to find their future career and chase their dreams. Students can take Primary School Certificate (PSC) Preparation, Junior School Certificate (JSC) Preparation, Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination Preparation, Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination Preparation.


Video lessons to help students understand and visualize critical concepts from the textbook.


Take short MCQ tests to evaluate your-self on any chapter of any subject.


Challenge your friends on any topic to give tests with the same question paper and compare marks.


Post your questions to get the solutions from thousands of Online Teachers.


A news stream of positive and encouraging events along with technological advancements around the world to motivate you.


For career counseling the app has a desirable career list with brief description and basic requirements for the job.

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“Very Much Impressed by the talented team of Durbin labs limited. Their approach to problem-solving through innovation is unparalleled. I like to give my thanks for their outstanding commitment to our project. The team took the time to understand the vision and the requirements of the project.”

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