Create your online virtual classroom

Durbin Classroom is a tool to help teachers and institutes connect with their students and expand online learning possibilities.

Durbin Classroom is web based online virtual classroom application. Durbin classroom connects teachers with students online to engage them in live lectures and replicate the atmosphere of a physical classroom.

Virtual Streaming

Make e-learning easier with interactive virtual classes

Class Recording

Recordings capture the discussion. Store lecture recording in class resources for students for revision.

Live Chat

Create engagement in a virtual classroom session. Ask questions and discuss topics.


Easily create assignments with deadlines. Access and mark assignments of individual students in just a few clicks.

Online Exams

Create your ideal assessment of multiple question types –multiple-choice, long and short answers.


Create a more comprehensive learning experience with an online whiteboard. Draw shapes, demonstrate your concepts real-time and teach real-time.

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Build your white label branded Virtual Classroom in Android, iOS and web.

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“Very Much Impressed by the talented team of Durbin labs limited. Their approach to problem-solving through innovation is unparalleled. I like to give my thanks for their outstanding commitment to our project. The team took the time to understand the vision and the requirements of the project.”

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