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Build the future generation with Durbin e-Health Solution

Mobile devices offer the opportunity to improve health outcomes through the delivery of innovative medical and health services with information and communication technologies to the farthest reaches of the globe, that’s why there is a boom in both, health apps and eHealth solutions.

Your App + Your Patients

A white-label, Patient-Engagement, Telemedicine mobile app that helps grow your medical practice revenues and personalize medical care.

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With our Solution, your Patients can

Book Appointments

Ask Questions

Consult via Video

Access Health Blog

Receive -Prescriptions

Make Payments

Receive Mobile Notifications

Set medicine reminder


Better point-of-care coordination

Doctors and nurses can coordinate better with the patient about the diagnosis, medication and the follow-up process.

Caters to customizations

Doctors can use patient data to create profiles and categorize them. These profiles can help doctors pinpoint the optimum solution for each patient.

Real-time communication

Doctors and nurses can inspect the patient’s condition remotely. Regular real-time communication between provider and patients also builds rapport.

Provides convenience

Doctors and patients can share information without the need for physical meetings. With the advent of telemedicine apps, video conferencing is now possible.

Increases diagnostic accuracy

Mobile apps can run automatic checks on prescriptions and decisions. As a result, prescription errors have gone down significantly.

Enhances physician efficiency

Physicians can use mobile devices to record patient history with minimal errors. These devices provide better access to latest drug information and thus help make better decisions.

Direct patient management

Doctors and nurses can check up on the patient directly using mobile devices which can show how to administer a procedure and taking a more active role.

Seamless data flow

Healthcare providers can now have more control over the dispersion of information. They don’t have to worry about misplaced papers, files, and folders.



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