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IOS App Expertise

With iOS Application Increase Your Market Reach!

We welcome any new idea that our clients and business development partners bring in and put in our best effort to realize their dreams. About 42% of the smart phone users around the world use iPhone, therefore to truly make an impact in the mobile market building an iOS app besides android app is a must.

We use Apples preferred Swift language and all the guidelines provided and encouraged by Apple to develop iOS apps. The advantage to this is almost all apple devices support our applications and gives users the native feel of iOS applications.

In addition, Durbin Labs developers are experienced in server optimization and secure API building to make sure that the mobile apps of your dream is not only light weight but also secure to use for the users.

Key Technology Competence


Swift, Objective-c
HTML, CSS, JavaScript (for cross platform apps)


Native Swift Platforms
React Native (for cross platform apps)

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