Retina LMS

A web and Mobile based learning management system for one of the largest medical admission coaching institute


Retina Medical Coaching Center is one of the largest Pre admission coaching centers in Bangladesh. On average 26000 Students are enrolled each year in retina for Medical and Dental Admission programs preparations. During the COVID19 Pandemic all educational institutes were closed as a precaution for the safety of students and to stop the spread of COVID19, but this lockdown hit hard for Coaching centers like Retina. As Physical classrooms are closed, an online solution was needed to continue the classes and support the admission students. To solve this issue Durbin lab limited introduced a customized online Learning Management System (LMS) for the 26000+ students of the retina coaching center. After Requirement Analysis a web based custom LMS with scalable infrastructure was developed and implemented for 23 branches of the coaching center.

The core purpose of the Project was to Develop alternative tools for Medical admission students amid lockdown to prepare themselves for upcoming medical and dental exams. The objectives to meet for this project was deliver all the course material in an online platform, take live test and evaluation for students by group and branch wise, developing mobile response web LMS with the load capacity of 26000+ Student, so that Online classes and Exams can be taken uninterrupted and Developing a amide panel to manage and content, students, exam, monitor students’ progress etc.

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“Very Much Impressed by the talented team of Durbin labs limited. Their approach to problem-solving through innovation is unparalleled. I like to give my thanks for their outstanding commitment to our project. The team took the time to understand the vision and the requirements of the project.”

Mr. Joseph S. United Kingdom
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