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UI/UX Design

Take Advantage of The Science Behind Great Designs

Looks is the first thing that attracts the user and then the functionality retains them. This one sentence can illustrate the importance of an intuitive and soothing interface for any application. At Durbin Labs, we take pride in providing innovative and interactive UI/UX design services to our clients. We consider the user behaviour metrics while preparing our designs based on the target market, demography and age group.

We like to complete extensive research on how the application will interact with the user and also what kind of “Emotion” do we want to create in them. Based on this information and the consumer behaviour analysis data we prepare our designs. We design to create a bond between your application and the users.

Our Process of UIUX Design

Market Research & Analysis

To paint a picture for someone it is important to understand who they think and what they like. So, we start with understanding the target market and how they like to interact with applications. We collect data to analyse and define requirements and to realise user’s goals and emotions.

Information Architecture

We analyse the use cases for the application to understand how the Users will interact with the application. Based on our understanding we write down the Information Architecture and sort them based on the concept of “Findability”.


After that we move on to prepare the wireframe for the application. This is actually the most basic blue print of your application. The design shows where each piece of the puzzle fits to make the application work. The Wireframing is done on Pencil and Paper to ensure fast and effective design, also it allows us to make any swift changes as needed to provide the best User Experience in class.


Prototyping is way to illustrate the underlying flow of the entire application before it is fully build. The Prototyping will allow the users to check how the application will look in real life. The clickable version allows the User to roam around the application and also find the short transitions between pages.

User Interface Design

We believe in simplifying the designs to make it easily understandable for all types of users. The prime concern is not only to design an interface that looks good but also, we need make sure it makes the user feel good while using the application.

UI Micro-interactions

Our team of UIUX designers work together to weave together a detail oriented, interactive and intuitive front-end interface that attracts the users and make them stay with the application for high functionality and ease of use.

Let’s Get Started!

We design to bind the application and its users in an emotional bond. Our team has successfully completed working on many national and international applications. Come and work with us to design and develop an exceptional application.

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